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SST® Trailer TMA Meets all required and optional tests

The SST provides state-of-the-art protection with a revolutionary trailer design that allows users to rapidly deploy a TMA while lowering operating costs.

SST TMAEnergy Absorption Systems, Inc, a Quixote Transportation Safety, company, announces its new trailer-mounted SST Safe-Stop® Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA). The SST’s unique design requires minimal modification to host vehicles allowing quick and simple attachment, resulting in low installation and operating costs, as well as increased truck fleet operating flexibility.
The SST TMA has passed all mandatory & optional NCHRP 350 TL-3 tests.

The SST TMA’s length from the back of the host vehicle is less than 20 feet (6m) and has many interchangeable parts with the company’s popular Safe-Stop 180º tilt model TMA, including the lightweight aluminum energy-absorbing cartridges.

An added feature of the SST TMA is anti-rotational dampeners that are designed to lock the TMA in place during an angled impact to maximize the TMA’s effectiveness and minimizing impacting vehicles from “gating” into a work zone or adjacent lane(s), which could potentially cause a secondary accident. The dampeners also protect the host truck’s frame by spreading the load of the impacting force, and provide maximum protection to work crews, the impacting driver, adjacent drivers, and the host vehicle.

The SST TMA, and is adaptable to the widest range of host vehicle weights which also enhances maximum fleet utilization. An optional arrow board attaches directly to the SST TMA. The unit also offers a high degree of nuisance impact protection and high reusability after a design impact and a tight turning radius.

The Safe-Stop line of TMAs from Energy Absorption, Inc. is the culmination of years of TMA engineering and in-field experience. When impacted, the unit’s steel support frame collapses and the aluminum cartridges crush to absorb the energy of impact, bring the impacting vehicle to a controlled stop.

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